Other Work

My rigs or animation in other places

Benjamin Erdt

Modeling and texturing reel  (Lukruk – Alien character rig / Animation for most shots)
Ben’s website

Ampersand – BYC collective project

Skate video\Short film (robot rig)
BYC Collective

Luxury – Jon Bellion

Music video\Short film (all characters rigging)

Kyan Etemadi

Modeling and texturing reel  (car rig – fully functional & character rig – for posing)
Kyan’s website

Artem Palchevskiy

compositing and lighting reel (rigging – giraffe head)
Artem’s website

Marc (Muggy) Whitelaw

Marc’s Visual Effects Demo Reel (skateboard rig)
Marc’s website

Andrew Paxson

Visual Effects & Comping Reel  (ball rig + alien character rig)
Andrew’s website

Clint Rodrigues

Modeling and Texturing Reel  (rigging for posing)
Clint’s website

Dane Whang

Modeling and Texturing Reel (Grim rig)
Dane’s website

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