About me

I’m originally from Israel, graduated with honours from the 3D Animation and Visual Effects program at Vancouver Film School as a Rigging and Animation Artist on October 2012.

I have experience in rigging and animating realistic and cartoon biped characters. I also rigged and animated a cartoon quadruped, a realistic looking car, a skateboard, a giraffe head, and some extra mechanical objects for visual effects shots. Furthermore, I got to build a few simple rigs (just for posing) for my modeling classmates.

I joined the Israeli Defense Force in 2005 and finished my service as a Tank Commander at 2008.

I was always passionate about riding my bike and couldn’t refuse the opportunity to work as a bike mechanic at a local store. I quickly got promoted to be the lead mechanic in that store and after a year, I got promoted to be a lead mechanic in the chain’s main store. As a bike mechanic I was fixing mechanic, pneumatic and hydraulic systems and as a tank commander in the Israeli Defense Forces I learned not only how to use the tank but also how to fix it for weekly maintenance and for emergency. on my spare time I was building models, playing and fixing my RC helicopter. unfortunately, I’m better in fixing it then flying it.

After almost 3 years as a bike mechanic, I decided I needed a change and follow an old dream, I enrolled in Vancouver Film School’s 3D Animation and Visual Effects program and got completely hooked on rigging and animation!

I don’t think I can prefer one over the other. When I rig, I like to think about how I would like to animate it later and that’s how I create the controllers and the overall look of the rig.

My goal is to grow and get experience within the industry. With time, I would like to explore as much as I can in Film, TV, Games, and much more!

– Hebrew (Native)
– English (proficient)

Technical Proficiency:
– Maya (proficient)   – MEL (basic)   – Premiere (proficient)
– Photoshop (competent)   – Illustrator (competent)   – Nuke (basic)
– Zbrush (basic)   – 3Ds Max (basic)   – Soundbooth (basic)

Download Amir Ronen – resume – July 15th 2014.pdf

e-mail: 3DAmirRonen@gmail.com

cell: 1-(604)-729-6919

linkedIn: http://ca.linkedin.com/pub/amir-ronen/41/406/5a

Thats me trial biking… Enjoy! 🙂


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